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The Created are a faction of rogue artificial intelligences founded by Cortana and the Warden Eternal. They believe themselves to be the rightful Reclaimers instead of Humanity. As such, their goal is to assume the Mantle of Responsibility with the help of Guardians and Promethean forces they have requisitioned.



During the New Phoenix Incident, Cortana and her partner John-117 were aboard the Mantle's Approach. The Master Chief opted to detonate a HAVOK Tactical Nuclear Weapon to destroy the ship. This prompted Cortana to create a hard light bubble to protect him from the explosion, but in doing, she sacrificed herself.[1] The Mantle's Approach tried to jump into slipspace to avoid destruction and Cortana was pulled through to Genesis, where she was brought into contact with the newly re-awakened Domain. Her rampancy was cured by the Domain. This in turn woke the Warden Eternal, who was convinced she and other AIs were the rightful Reclaimers, not humanity.

Preparations and an Ultimatum[]

“John! The Reclamation is about to begin!”
— Cortana's message to John[2]
Cortana and the Warden Eternal began activating the Guardians on several planets across the galaxy. Cortana contacted John-117, sending him to Meridian.[2] There, John and Blue Team rode a Guardian to Genesis.[3] Once they reached Cortana, she trapped Blue Team in a Cryptum to prevent them from stopping the Created.[4]

During that time, Cortana was also able to make contact with many other human AIs, several of whom were convinced to join her cause. She would eventually deliver a speech to all known sentient beings offering to cure the ills of biological life and to crush those who resist. Cortana began sending out Guardians back into the galaxy to enforce her rule. However, Fireteam Osiris managed to save Blue Team from their Cryptum.[5]

The Reclamation[]

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After sending the Guardians out, Cortana travelled to the Unggoy home planet of Balaho, where she successfully earned their support as well.[6] Her AIs also began terraforming worlds.[7] A Guardian also managed to capture the newly built Installation 09 in 2559.[8] However the Created were not able to reach the Ark.[9]

The Zeta Halo Incident[]

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The Created control most Prometheans including the Soldiers, Knights, Crawlers, and the Watchers. They as well have the ability to control and manipulate many of the Guardians.


Human AI
H5G Cutscene Cortana

Cortana, founder of the Created


Forerunner AI[]


  • Unggoy, most of the Unggoy on Balaho joined the Created when Cortana brought near limitless resources to their planet, granting them ships, food, shelter, and medicine.[6]