H5G Cutscene Cortana

Cortana, founder of the Created

The Created are a faction of rogue Artificial intelligence's founded by Cortana and the Warden Eternal.

They believe the Created are the rightful Reclaimers, instead of Humanity. As such, they try to take the Mantle of Responsibility by using Guardians and Promethean forces.


When Cortana was with the Master Chief to destroy the Mantle's Approach by using a HAVOK Tactical Nuclear Weapon, she sacrificed herself to save Master Chief.[1] The Mantle's Approach tried to jump into a slipstream to avoid destruction and Cortana soon discovered the Domain. She found out that her rampancy could be cured by being in the Domain. This in turn woke the Warden Eternal who was convinced she was could be a Reclaimer.

Cortana and the Warden Eternal soon started activating the Guardians on a lot of planets to be able to enforce peace throughout the galaxy.

During that time, Cortana convinced a lot of other AI to join her cause.[2] After the Guardians were awoken, Cortana and the Warden Eternal went to the Unggoy home planet of Balaho, where most of the Unggoy joined the Created.[3]


Human A.I.

Promethean A.I.


  • Unggoy, most of the Unggoy on Balaho joined the Created when Cortana brought nearly limitless resources to their planet, granting them ships, food, shelter and medicine.[3]


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