The credit (cR) is the standard currency of the UNSC. Credits can be spent in the form of "credit chips."[1]


There are multiple equivalent currencies used throughout the galaxy. Trade rates are unknown.

  • Venezia uses a currency called a Flex card.[2]
  • The Covenant equivalent to the Credit is known as Gekz.[3]

Known CostsEdit

Item Cost Per Unit Source
Hog - Limited Edition Wood-Trimmed Classic Edition cR 91,000 [4]
Hog - Standard model cR 86,000 [4]
Hog - Manual-Transmission Version cR 81,000 [4]
M12 Warthog cR 52,000 [5]
Sniper Rifle System 99-S5 Anti-Matériel cR 8,141
W/AV Model 6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle cR 218,000 [6]
M363 Remote Projectile Detonator cR 6,950
M739 Light Machine Gun cR 3,182
M90A Close Assault Weapon System cR 2,200 [7]
BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle cR 1,906
M395 Designated Marksman Rifle cR 1,833
MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System cR 1,693
MA5C ICWS Assault Rifle cR 1,686 [8]
M6G Personal Defense Weapon System cR 1,615 [7]
M7057/Defoliant Projector cR 1,520 [9]
M7/Caseless Submachine Gun cR 1,484 [7]
M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose Grenade cR 30 [7]
Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920 cR 63,405
World Cuisine Moa Burger Combo cR 7.77 [10]
World Cuisine Extra Lean Burger Combo cR 12.99 [10]


Credit BountiesEdit

Main article: Credit Bounty
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Credit FarmingEdit

In Halo: Reach, there are many strategies to earning many credits to increase in rank and so on. A very popular technique is shown below.

  • A common trick is to go to the 3rd mission, and sprint past all of the enemies until you get to the room with the target locator. Fire at the large group of covenant that has probably amassed in chasing you, and move to the back of the blast doors, where you will get a checkpoint. if you have done this correctly, you should get a Killionare medal each time. Keep reloading the last checkpoint as many times as you want, then finish the rest of the level. With the introduction of custom challenges on Halo Waypoint, it is possible to get 20,000 credits every few seconds with this tactic. This tactic has since been patched.


  • UNSC personnel sometimes casually refer to credits as "credaroos," analogous to the way Americans refer to dollars as "buckaroos."[11]
  • According to Halo: The Fall of Reach, there are no coins or papers used in the credit system,[12] but in the Audio Logs in Halo 3: ODST, an old woman is heard breaking an ATM with money in the form of coins and presumably paper coming out. Another ATM, found in gameplay, which also houses an Audio Log, is also constantly spitting out money until the Audio Log is collected.
  • Credits are used by the player in Halo: Reach to buy Armor Permutations, Firefight Voices, and Armor effects for their Spartan character in the game. These credits also determine Rank.[13]
  • If a Marine is killed with friendly fire in Halo 3, another one may say "Okay, now you owe me twenty credits!"
  • The headhunters Jonah and Roland would constantly bet credits while on missions.[14]
  • In Halo: Glasslands, ODST Lian Devereaux makes a passing statement that "...Vaz still owes me ten bucks." This is odd because "bucks" refers to the United States dollar and not a credit. It is possible that the colloquialism passed on to refer to the credit as well.


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