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Crevice is a Halo Wars multiplayer map.[1]

Set on Shield 0459, the map is dominated by various Flood biomass accretions in Coordinated Stage. The map has four Forerunner Bonus Reactors that can be claimed by garrisoning infantry inside them.


  • It is vital that the UNSC teammate quickly expands at the beginning of the game.
  • UNSC players MUST get canister and power turret before the enemy to win.
  • Covenant players should not get the reactors early on; they must harass the enemy Covenant.
  • One Hellbringers unit can clear the reactor if the enemy has decided to take it early on.
  • Just running to marine squads to get the reactors in the middle works. Be sure to move them individually should they become infected into Flood Combat forms.
  • There are Flood Colonies in the map that serve as bases, which can be killed permanently to open up a base location for players. Infection forms, combat forms, a carrier form and flood swarms guard the colony, so be sure to protect your infantry.
  • Air units may be useful in this map for scouting.


  • The map has a night and day feature.
  • The map also has several crashed Forerunner transport ships on its surface. They are similar to the Campaign Cutscene Forerunner ships, but much smaller and varied slightly in shape. They are easily viewed once the game ends and the fog clears.
  • After all the Flood Swarms in the center are killed, a large cache of resource crates will spawn.
  • On the left side of the map, best seen with a flying unit, in two separate ditches (one with a flood colony that can't be destroyed) there is a Covenant ship of the same class as the one in release.
  • In the middle of the map, there appears to be a Sentinel Shop that has been destroyed, most likely by the Flood.
  • It is described in the game that bases MUST be heavily defended at night when Flood Swarms come out of their hiding places. But during gameplay, they do not assault any of the player's bases at night.
  • There are many Flood Eggs found in this level, though they are non-targetable and non-destroyable as well as other flood dominated multiplayer maps.