Curator (SN: CTR 1121-4[1][2]) was a smart artificial intelligence construct. He was the A.I. of the UNSC Rubicon.

As part of the UNSC Rubicon, he was taken along by a science team on their mission to Installation 00. After the team found the body of 343 Guilty Spark they took it with them to the ship. The team activated and interrogated him. 343 eventually transferred his consciousness to the ship and subdued Curator.

343 Guilty Spark left with the UNSC Rubicon, leaving Curator behind.[2] So, since 21 August, 2554, Curator has been on the Ark indexing records found on the installation. After four years of indexing Curator is nearing rampancy and is slowly shutting down. After Cortana formed her Created, Curator also received the message. He decided to not join the Created and retreated into a refuge on the Ark, somewhere were the Created weren't able to track his location and thus the location of the Ark.[1]

After a "shadow of a threat" attacked the Ark, Curator left a message in the Ark's systems in hopes that his report would be found.[1]



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