The Custom Powerup is an object in Halo 3 multiplayer, similar to the Active camouflage and the Overshield in the way that it seems held together by small magnets.



A custom powerup on a Halo 3 multiplayer map Guardian.

The Custom powerup is only available on Custom maps made in Forge and some MLG playlist maps. What it does is determined by a player when setting up a custom gametype. It can affect many player attributes, such as damage resistance, gravity, damage delivered, speed, etc., including multiple simultaneous effects. It can give players Active camouflage or Overshields. It can make a player an "instant Juggernaut," or even negatively affect a player. By default, it increases the player's speed and jumping ability.

It will appear as a floating yellow orb, and its effects can be edited by tapping 'X' at the custom games lobby. To do this, go to the Game Options menu, and then to the bottom of the 'Weapons and Vehicles' tab.[1]


  • The default settings for the custom powerup (which is a speed increase) are from a never implemented Agility Powerup.
  • On default your melee attacks are multiplied threefold and your speed is increased by 50%.
  • The Custom Powerup can be used for anything. It could also make you weak or maybe even invincible, depending on the Game Type.

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