The Cutting Crew medal resembles an energy sword superimposed on a purple circular background on top of a six pointed silver star; it is awarded to individuals after killing 15 opponents in a row without dying using an energy sword on multiplayer matchmaking, Firefight or Campaign in Halo: Reach. The Cutting Crew medal is the last of the energy sword spree medals. This medal can be awarded on any gametype containing an energy sword.

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  • The easiest playlist to earn the Cutting Crew medal is Grifball. This is due to all players having swords with an infinite amount of energy/ammunition. The individual should try to avoid players with gravity hammers and aim for the player carrying the bomb as they are most vulnerable and easiest to kill with the sword.


  • Since you need 15 kills with the Sword, This medal can be obtained by fully depleting a fully charged sword and obtaining another without dying that has over a 50 percent of a charge.
  • If you manage to get a Slice N' Dice with the energy sword, you can melee the foe with the sword's hilt for the medal.
  • The Cutting Crew medal may be a reference to the 1985 pop-rock band, named "Cutting Crew."