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Cyrus Shaw is a UNSC Navy Captain who served during the post-war years. He was present at the Second Battle of Requiem.


At some point after 2553 Shaw was given command of a Strident-class heavy frigate. This frigate would later be assigned to the UNSC Infinity as its third sub-vessel.[1] Shaw would see action during the Second Battle of Requiem in 2558, engaging the fleet of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant on 7 February along with the UNSC Infinity and nine other Strident-class heavy frigates. Shaw continued to combat Covenant forces over the next several days, and single-handedly took on an enemy cruiser to support Fireteam Crimson. Several weeks into the campaign, a joint Promethean-Covenant strike force attacked the UNSC Infinity along with the remainder of the Storm Fleet. Their intention was to capture Dr. Halsey and destroy the Infinity from the inside with a captured supply of HAVOK nuclear warheads. Shaw captained his vessel in an attempt to keep the enemy ships off of the Infinity. Ultimately he was killed when his ship was overwhelmed and destroyed by the encroaching Fleet.[2]


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