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The D96-TCE Albatross, formally known as the Dropship 96 - Troop Carrier, Equipment, is a heavy-lift dropship used by the United Nations Space Command. It was developed and produced by Ushuaia Armory.[1]


The D96-TCE Albatross has been in service since at least 2517.[2][3] It is a vital part of the UNSC's logistical operations, capable of deploying personnel, vehicles, weapons, and supplies deep behind enemy lines. It serves as both an atmospheric and exoatmospheric craft capable of delivering troops and supplies wherever needed once a landing zone has been secured. Although the Albatross typically possesses no armament, its nimble maneuverability and heavily armored, expansive cargo bay allow it to transport troops, weapons, vehicles, and other supplies safely.[1]

The Albatross' cargo bay is capable of transporting multiple vehicles and other heavy weapons at a time. Once it has landed, it lowers three metal ramps holding the bay, allowing its cargo to be unloaded. Once landed, the Albatross can be used as a makeshift base, indicating that it may also serve as a mobile field command post for the UNSC.[4]

Known Albatross dropships[]


  • Designs for the Albatross changed radically during the development of Halo 2. Initially it was envisioned as the "shield generator ship," a large vehicle transport craft using shield technology to protect itself when deploying its cargo.[5]
  • Some Albatrosses have words inscribed on their hulls by their crews. 03 bears the words "Covenant Killer Mk C" and "Humanity-1 Flood-0."




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