DM-3-1123 b[1] was a planet in the DM-3-1123 System and had a population of approximately 227 billion Forerunners.


A Forerunner naval group engaged a Flood irregular naval group of 149 non-military vessels over DM-3-1123 b, destroying the contaminated vessels. However, despite the destruction of the Flood fleet, their goal had only been to enter the atmosphere. In this they were successful, and within 32 hours had spread enough to overrun local Forerunner ground forces. The Forerunners managed to evacuate only 1,361,466 citizens (0.0006% of the total population, implying a total population of ~227 billion) before the local fleet advocated total destruction of DM-3-1123 b's biosphere via orbital blanket bombardment. All flood forms were confirmed destroyed, presumbly along with all other life on the planet.


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