The Dancing Elite Glitch occurs when an Elite Player model crouches and melees repeatedly while wielding a Gravity Hammer or a Shotgun, and it appears that the Elite is shaking with the weapon. The Elite's arm twitches erratically when doing this with a shotgun. This can be done in Campaign as Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, Usze 'Taham, or N'tho 'Sraom. It can be done on Multiplayer, Forge and on Xbox Live Matchmaking, particularly in Grifball.


Acquire a Gravity Hammer as an Elite, then press the Left Thumb Stick and B repeatedly. From the Elite's perspective, the Gravity Hammer shakes around wildly, but from a third-person view, a laggy, shaking Elite is shown. It is very hard to do this glitch while running or walking, as is crouching repetitively. As with the shotgun, one has to do the same. From the first person view, the hit will look normal, but from the third person, the Elite's arm will twitch abnormally.


The actual reason as to why this glitch occurs is unknown. Explanations do exist:

  • The Elite model perhaps does not have a proper animation for meleeing with a Gravity Hammer or a Shotgun while crouching. It is possible that both animations overlap each other and use the same model parts such as the Elite's legs, causing it to shuffle between the crouching and striking animations. This glitch will work with the 7-wood as well, but not with any other weapons.
  • Perhaps the glitch has something to do with the Elite's midair melee animation being incomplete. When a Spartan jumps and the melee button is pressed, they can perform an animation different from the standard one. When an Elite jumps and the melee button is pressed, they can perform only one animation. If the Elite crouches while in midair, they can perform two different animations. Additionally, if the B button is pressed while the Elite crouches, they will either perform an animation in which they swing the hammer horizontally, similarly to how the Arbiter swings a Fuel Rod Gun and Rocket Launcher, or they will slam the hammer vertically in the same manner as a Brute Chieftain.

Silent HammerEdit

A sub-glitch. Instead of meleeing, swinging the Gravity Hammer (or 7-wood) may make it "silent" while crouching up and down. This might require several tries. The properties are those of a normal swing, but no ammunition will be lost, and a standard melee sound will be heard if in contact with another player. The hit will still do damage. However, ammo will be lost if the player is not the host.

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