General Daniel Black was an officer in the UNSC Marine Corps and the commanding officer at the Corbulo Academy of Military Science.[1]


Early InsurrectionEdit

Daniel was a proud Marine officer during Operation: TREBUCHET. Over the course of the early portions of the Insurrection, he eventually would ascend to the rank of General. Due to his personal beliefs, he would eventually take on the role of Superintendent of CAMS.[1]

Introduction to the CovenantEdit

In 2526, ONI Section Two warned Daniel of the new and concerning Covenant threat. His response would be the increase of Marine forces actively stationed on campus. In order to help keep CAMS off the Covenant radar, he ordered communications blackouts. To the rest of the academy, it appeared as routine maintenance.[1]

When the Covenant discovered Circinius IV, Daniel ordered an evacuation of the school via the space tether. However, the space tether was destroyed, stopping the evacuation.[2] He was killed at the Battle of Circinius IV, and Thomas Lasky was forced to remove his body from a Warthog critical to his squad's escape.[3]

Personality Edit

Daniel was immensely loyal to the UNSC and UEG. So much so, he actively believed that the military government of the colonies was necessary to end the Insurrection's selfish point of view. He even believed that more force was needed in order to crush the Insurrection.[1]

As the youth of the outer colonies joined the movement, he knew that he could counter these sentiments with heavy pro-UEG education. Once he was a Superintendent, he made it his own goal to transform these cadets into UNSC soldiers. This goal lead him to personally inspect different cadets squads if he noticed any under-performance.[1]




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