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Dasc Gevadim was a Human spiritual guru and founder of Triad. He was popular throughout the UNSC's remaining colonies.[1]


Dasc ran seminars through public channels, but disappeared in 2552. His followers believed that he had managed to attain the ascension he proclaimed was possible, and their numbers increased exponentially. However, in truth, Dasc had exiled himself to Beta Gabriel to fool his followers and increase their numbers and devotion.[1]

During the Fall of Reach, Dasc was one of many human occupants rounded up by a Jiralhanae pack, intending to use them as prey in their hunts for sport. Connor Brien managed to stage an escape during an internal dispute within the pack. Though he and Dasc were the only survivors, Dasc shot Brien so that neither could leave the planet and his followers would retain their faith, not knowing that he still lived.[1]

Dasc was present as an exfiltration craft deployed Marines to wipe out the Brute survivors, but made no attempt to contact them. Instead, he remained on Beta Gabriel, feeling completely forlorn.[1]



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