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Normal WalkthroughEdit

  • Pull the manually release above to leave cryo.
  • Head through the corridors and find the elevator door. Pry them open to continue.
  • Climb up the elevator, moving left or right as needed to avoid falling debris. John will briefly glance in the direction you need to move.
  • Eliminate the Elite and continue through the left doorway. Eliminate the Elite and several Grunts in this room. Activate the button at the top of the platform in this room to override the blast shields.
  • A Covenant ship will breach the windows to the left and right of the observation platform, sending covenant troops in. Eliminate the troops and exit the way you came in.
  • Descend using the elevator on your left. Kill the Covenant in the next room and continue down stairs. Pass through two more rooms, exiting through tone of two doors in the latter room, killing Covenant along the way.
  • Enter a ringed room with a group of Covenant inside the center. Kill them all, watching out for the Elite with a Concussion Rifle. Head out the back, through the corridor, and out the airlock. There are four Battle Rifles on weapon racks that pop out when approached, in the corridor next to the door to the airlock.
  • You will find a Battle Rifle floating nearby when you first exit the ship. Take out the Covenant that appear from Drop Ships and watch for the sniper on the far left balcony. Head towards the left to activate the missile controls and finally, work your way through the Covenant to unblock the missile and destroy the Covenant ship.
  • Head back to the ship and through the air lock. Escape through the crumbling environment, ignoring the covenant troops. Reaching the end, a cut scene will take place in which John-117 is sucked into space, marking the end of the level.

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