Day of Jubilation[5] was one of two Covenant CAS-class assault carriers that were part of the Fleet of Sacred Consecration and participated in the Battle of Earth.[6]

Operational HistoryEdit

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The Jubilation was part of the Fleet of Sacred Consecration when it exited slipspace above Earth in late October of 2552.[7] Solemn Penance, the fleet's flagship, immediately headed for the planet, bypassing all defenses and leaving the rest of the fleet to fight. The Covenant ships sent boarding parties to Orbital Defense Platforms Athens, Malta and Cairo. In the ensuing fight, Athens and Malta were destroyed by Antimatter charges, but that aboard Cairo was removed from the station by John-117, who opened a hangar door and jumped into space with the charge, heading for the carrier.[8] At the same time, the Jubilation destroyed the UNSC Feeling Lucky[9] with an energy projector. Sometime earlier in the battle, the carrier's shields had been taken down, allowing a pair of Longswords to make a hole in the ship in order for John to reach the ship's exposed reactor. He made it into the core, set the bomb for detonation and escaped before the ship was destroyed.[8]

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