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The Death Penalty is a form of legal punishment involving the execution of an individual.[1] The Death Penalty is used when violating laws of particular importance of the UNSC, such as the JAG 4465/LHG protocol. The form of execution is almost invariably the firing squad or lethal injection, as it is the fastest and least costly means available. Some instances of the death penalty being threatened on UNSC personnel include failure to comply with the Cole Protocol, insubordination and cowardice.

Humanity is not the only species to administer the death penalty. The Covenant punish various infractions of varying degrees with death: captured prisoners are executed once their usefulness has ended;[2] incompetent Unggoy are brutally killed, or even fed to Jackals;[3] leaders responsible for military failures are publicly humiliated and executed;[4] and heretics, as in the case of Sesa 'Refumee, and other dissidents are silently assassinated by Covenant Loyalists, usually an Arbiter, if the situation is dire.[4] The Covenant seem more free in dispensing their form of justice, often without any form of trial other than a public shame inquisition, and use them as opportunities to serve as examples to others who would follow in their footsteps, of the consequences of those who fail or try opposing the Prophets and their followers.


  • Thel 'Vadam was originally supposed to get a death penalty by being 'hung by his entrails', but instead was quickly promoted to the rank of Arbiter in order to stop the Heretics.


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