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Deathmatch is a mode in Halo Wars Skirmish or Multi-player where everything, from infantry, to ground vehicles airborne units and even bases start off fully upgraded: however, Leader Powers will automatically improve over time, though at a relatively fast pace. The player has 15000 Resources and all technologies are researched, the population total starts at 15 and increases by 10 for each base that is claimed. Population, however, cannot exceed 99, so, if you capture eight bases it doesn't grow anymore with subsequent bases.


  • When you reach the max population of 99, playing as the Covenant, you can have up to four Scarabs.
  • Deathmatch is better when played one-on-one in very large maps such as Fort Deen, Exile and Frozen Valley.
  • In Deathmatch, all of the UNSC leader's economy bonuses are rendered useless, because all of your units and buildings are already upgraded.

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