This article is about the Halo 3 Achievement. For the Halo 2 Vista and Halo: The Master Chief Collection Achievement with the same name, see here.

Demon is a Halo 3 Meta-Game Achievement. It is earned when the player earns 15,000 points while playing the meta-game on Crow's Nest. This Achievement gives 10 Gamerpoints to the player.

The award is represented by a blue circle with a horned skull. There are some theories as to its naming: the name ties to the name given to Spartans, specifically John-117. Or, it could be that John-117 must turn the tables on the Covenant intruders, who, at the start of the level, have penetrated almost all sections of the base. This might also be a reference to Truth's taunting in the beginning cutscene about how even the Demon will die at the Covenant's hands.


Method 1 - Turn on the Fog, Catch, Tough Luck and Grunt Birthday Party skulls. Using the Battle Rifle and Shotgun, headshot as many Grunts as possible and Eliminate/Melee as many Brutes as you can. Also for better scoring, try to race through the level as well as destroying enemies as fast as possible.


  • Getting headshots on Brute Chieftains give you more points than almost any other infantry unit out there. This can be helpful here since there are three of them.

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