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Once a scientific outpost, this derelict Forerunner facility waits patiently to be reactivated.

Desolation, also known as War Games Map_Set/: 320-5[1] is a Halo 2 multiplayer map. The map was designed from the ground up by video game company Certain Affinity, as part of the Blastacular Map Pack. Desolation is a remake of the multiplayer map Derelict, from Halo: Combat Evolved. It is only available on the Xbox version of Halo 2.


Desolation has an entirely new setting. Rather than a facility of some kind in deep space, as Derelict was, Desolation is located on Delta Halo. Analysts from the UNSC Coral Sea believe it to be a facility used to study the sapient species retrieved by Forerunner Lifeworkers during the Conservation measure.[1]


It features a similar weapon set to its precursor, but adjusted to account for Halo 2's different arsenal. For example, the Assault Rifle spawn is replaced by a Battle Rifle. There is also an Energy Sword to accompany the Shotgun. However, the tunnels on the upper level have not been replaced by ramps that lead down to the ground level, as Bungie suggested they would be, in a Weekly Update.

Changes from Derelict[]


  • If you look up at one of the many lights on the upper level with your back lined up along the wall looking at the light, it appears to be in the shape of the Autobot symbol from the popular Transformers series.
  • In Desolation's official description, it is described as a "derelict forerunner structure awaiting to be reactivated." This is an obvious reference to the original map, Derelict.
  • On Bungie.net, the images for Desolation are in the /derelict/ directory, another obvious reference to the former version of this level.
  • Though it was not officially made available for Halo 2 Windows Vista, modders have managed to port Desolation to Halo 2 Windows Vista.
  • Along with Backwash, Desolation is the only level in the Halo Trilogy to spawn a Sentinel Beam by default.
  • Although not an official map, the Bungie-made Sandbox, Pantheon, is considered the spiritual successor of Desolation and Derelict as it was featured in the Bungie Day playlist, "Bungie vs. World." In addition, the map features the same layout as its predecessors, though lacking the Gravity Lifts found on Desolation.



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