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Diego Garcia, located in the Indian Ocean.

Diego Garcia is a small tropical island in the Indian Ocean of Earth, about 1,000 miles south of the southern of coast India and Sri Lanka, and far east of the "African Horn."


The island was originally part of the British colony of Mauritius and the first military base—RAF Station Diego Garcia—was built in 1941. In 1965, following the independence of Mauritius, the United Kingdom retained the Chagos Archipelago (a group of islands which include Diego Garcia) as the British Indian Ocean Territory. In the 1970s, a joint UK–USA communications facility was established, and in the 1980s an airfield and port facilities were constructed. The base continued in operation until at least the 21st century. Some time between 22nd century and the 26th century, the UNSC organized a military base on the island.

Battle of EarthEdit

In the 26th century, the UNSC had a military base on the island. The base launched the first counterattacks against the Covenant when they invaded New Mombasa in Kenya, Africa in 2552 during Battle of Earth. Among the units to respond was the 77th Marine Regiment and the 405th Marine Infantry Division UNSC Marine Corps Unit. Later in the battle, a Covenant capital ship was sent in to destroy the base.[1] It is unknown whether it succeeded in doing so.


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