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Private First Class Dimitrov was a UNSC soldier on board the Pillar of Autumn in late 2552.

Pillar of AutumnEdit

Dimitrov was one of the soldiers on board the Pillar of Autumn during the events of Halo. He, along with Specialist Van Kalletta were in the ship's band: Fist of the Unicorn.

It is likely he died during the events of Halo, as he is not seen or mentioned throughout the rest of the series.


  • The only evidence of his existence is in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, on the Pillar of Autumn bulletin board. (Lower left side).
  • He played the drums in his band: Fist of the Unicorn.
  • He is called the band's "replacement drummer." So he may have taken the place of someone else who had been killed or wounded, possibly the during the Fall of Reach.