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Distancia was a commercial human freighter piloted by Ignatio Delgado and co-piloted by Melko Hollister.[1]

Operational HistoryEdit

Not much is known about her original duties, except that she was used to transport miners around Madrigal's various asteroids until its destruction. After which, she then ferried supplies and other items to The Rubble. It was also where Delgado hid the navigational data he was entrusted with leading back to Earth by the Rubble Security Council.

Later UseEdit

Distancia was commandeered by Peter Bonifacio after Ignatio Delgado was taken captive by Bonifacio and his bodyguards. The ship, along with her Navigational Data, remained under Bonifacio's control until he abandoned it after it was crippled by the Petya under the control of Mike and Adriana. Adriana then boarded the ship to find Distancia's Navigational Data. She killed most of Bonifacio's men on board, only leaving one henchman, Sean Williams, alive. She used him to contact the hiding Bonifacio and find the NAV data. After making a deal with Bonifacio by allowing him to leave in an escape pod in exchange for the Navigation data. the ship was later abandoned along with the remaining henchman. The ship's current status and whereabouts are unknown.


  • When translated from Latin to English, Distancia means Distance.



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