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The alleys of Old Mombasa were never kind to the unwary. On Covenant-controlled Earth, ramshackle homes prove ideal for ambush.

District, also known as War Games Map_Set/: 411-1,[1] is a Halo 2 Vista multiplayer map that is located in Sector 0-5.[2]


This map was inspired by the "starting areas in the outskirts of New Mombasa in the single-player campaign." District is basically an amalgam of Turf, Terminal, and Outskirts.

Like most Halo 2 maps, District provides certain landmarks that help players. Such landmarks include the atrium; the Voi Theater, and the three level parking garage, as well as many small shops.


This map was also created for larger scale battles. It has "about two-thirds the size of the playable area in Coagulation, or, it offers about four times as much playable area as Turf." It also includes many vehicle accessible places such as elevated sidewalks, a small bridge, and ramps all around the map. With all of its high places, it makes it a perfect map for snipers.

District also has a "mix of close-quarters and wide-open combat spaces." Many of the areas are closed but are "still open to the sky, allowing players to see the surrounding building tops and cityscape."

"District was designed from the very start to focus heavily on vehicles and on creating fun and interesting gameplay situations between vehicles and infantry."

While playing this level, the sound of gunfire can be heard in the distant background. Based on the subtitle-description, the "time" of this level is closer to the events of Halo 3. The Orbital Elevator is still visibly intact, implying the level would have to take place before its collapse.


  • This map proves to be an interesting Zombies map, as well as 1-sided and 2-sided game types.
  • To get out of the boundaries of District, get a Scorpion and move it into the destroyed tunnel near the parking garage. Make sure the tips of the Scorpion are below the hole in the ceiling of the tunnel. Then, climb on the Scorpion and position yourself right below the ceiling hole. Jump, and then press crouch at the height of your jump. You should be able to pass over the invisible wall and then continue forward. Get another player and you can run along the rooftops of District by sword canceling or butterflying from the ledge of the end of the tunnel. If you fall down from the ledge, you can always Sword cancel upwards onto the ledge or roof if someone is standing on the ledge.