The Doarmir is a furry animal native to Sanghelios. Their pelts were used by early seafaring Sangheili to make thick cloaks to stay warm and dry on long voyages, and the cloaks continued into modern Sangheili culture as a traditional garment for Shipmasters.[1]

The cloak Thel 'Vadamee wore during the Battle of Installation 04[2] may be made of this animal, though it has been confirmed in Halo: The Cole Protocol that Thel 'Vadamee wore one as a shipmaster so as to remind himself not to make grave mistakes, as he had been wounded and had to be operated on by a doctor, and having a doctor operate you, in Sangheili culture, would mean an almost complete loss of honor. 

'Vadamee again wore his prized doarmir cloak when on a diplomatic mission between the Sangheili, Jiralhanae and the UNSC.

They may be prey to Helioskrills.


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