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The Domus Diaspora, or Colonial Era,[1] was the era of mass migration of Humans from the Sol system to various star systems in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy.[2] The Domus Diaspora was organized by the Colonial Administration Authority.[3]



Following the Interplanetary War, population surges, a struggling economy and food problems created the need for colonies. Extra-solar colonies only became plausible in 2291 when Wallace Fujikawa and Tobias Shaw discovered Slipstream Space.[4] In 2310, the Colonial Administration Authority and the Colonial Military Administration were founded,[5] and a new line of colony ships were unveiled. Only in 2362 would the first wave of interstellar ships led by the Odyssey, leave the Sol system.[4]

The Inner Colonies[]

The Odyssey would spark the Domus Diaspora by settling Reach.[6] Colony after colony would be established. By 2390, 210 extra-solar colonies were established, and would comprise the "Inner colonies".[4]

The Outer Colonies[]

More and more colonies would continue to be founded far down Slipspace routes.[7] These would be the "Outer Colonies". They would be effectively established by 2490.[4] Many of these colonies would be largely unexplored and underdeveloped.[7]

Dissidence and the End[]

Between 2473 and 2485 protests and uprisings would took place.[3] In 2487, the People's Occupation and Secessionist Union would submit requests for a dozen worlds to secede from the CAA and Unified Earth Government.[8] Violence would begin when a massive rebellion on Far Isle was put down with Nuclear weapons.[9] In 2494, the Callisto Incident would spark the Insurrection, effectively ending the Domus Diaspora.

Despite the end of the Colonial Era, colonies and planets were still being found and colonized, especially after the Human-Covenant war. Oban, Erebus VII, and Eudemon X49-05 were all examples of this.





August 8[]
  • Tribute officially colonized by the CAA Casbah. Disputed by the crew of the CAA Irbid as having taken place on July 24.[10]









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