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The Dropship 81-Long Range Transport (D81-LRT), colloquially known as the Condor, Fat Pelican, and SuperPelican[1] was an older, medium-sized transport craft capable of slipspace travel.[4]

Class History[]

The UNSC eventually replaced the Condor as it was too expensive to build and maintain.[1]

It was used by the Sedran Colonial Guard for space travel as they could not afford larger, more up-to-date cruisers and ships.[5] Other Outer Colonies use them to scout possible trade routes and establish diplomatic relations outside the jurisdiction of the UNSC.[1]

In 2559, the long-lost UNSC Spirit of Fire acquired several Condors from a fallen research team on Installation 00. They would be used to deploy bases on the Installation and scout nearby Forerunner facilities.[6]


Akin to previous models, the D81 utilizes the frame of the D79H-TC Pelican.[1]


The D81 featured at least seven hardpoints. At least six were on the wings. Those six were retained on all versions of the Condor, while the nose hardpoint was often replaced with a multi-sensor suite. Some civilian organizations did modify the controls and hardpoints to allow for weapons, however.[1]


The Condor features a "Mission Package". The original Pelican's two tail thrusters were removed and replaced with four engine pods and a slipspace drive.[1]

Slipspace Travel[]

The Condor was rated to only be able to travel five times before needing to be re-serviced and eight trips before the entire engine had to be replaced.[1]


It had two decks.[citation needed] The cockpit featured two seats. One for the pilot and one for a weapons/sensor operator. Though sometimes this second seat was replaced with VIP seating or removed entirely.[1]


Picture Variant Description
HW2 Concept CondorGunship G81 Heavy Gunship A modified Condor created by the 'Smart' AI Isabel for use against The Banished.[7] It lacked the slipspace drive of the Dropship variant.[8]
N/A D81WP Condor A weaponized variant sold to the UNSC, private security forces, and planetary security forces.[1]
N/A U81 Condor An unofficial designation given to undercover ONI surveillance and recon variants. Sometimes labelled a subprowler, though it's technically a misnomer due to vast design differences between the U81 and actual prowlers.[1]


  • During the early production stages of Halo: Nightfall, the Condor was internally known as the "Super Pelican."[5]