A Durance was a type of Forerunner memory storage device. Upon the death of a Forerunner, the individual's last memories and mental patterns were stored inside a Durance. The Durance and a bit of plasma from the immolation of the body were then presented to the closest family members of the deceased.[1] Durances had a half-life of a million years. Their resting places were closely guarded by the family, such that the violation of a Durance was considered sacrilege.[1] The Durance of The Librarian appears in Halo 4 and speaks to John-117 about the Ur-Didact and his plans.


  • The Durances resemble, in function, the Prothean beacons from the Mass Effect game series.
    • Coincidentally, the Protheans were also an Elder Race whose "supposed" technology was the basis for most of the technology used by the modern species of the galaxy.



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