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“Hell of a day so far. Let's keep it from getting any worse, huh?”
— Sergeant Major Duvall to SPARTAN-B312

Sergeant Major Duvall, also known as "Fox Actual," was a senior non-commissioned officer of the UNSC Army.

Biography Edit

During the Fall of Reach, Duvall was present for Raid of New Alexandria, and helped coordinate the evacuation. During the evacuation, he was assisted by SPARTAN-B312, who helped him arm missile batteries around the city.[1]

His fate is completely unknown, though he was likely killed during the later stages of the fight for New Alexandria. If he did survive the destruction of the city, he could either been killed later in the battle for Reach, killed when the Covenant glassed the planet, or he could have been one of the few survivors of the battle.


  • Sergeant Major Duvall is invincible, no matter what the player or enemies try to do to kill him.
  • Using the information above, it is recommended to take Duvall in the last leg of the mission, Exodus, especially on Legendary difficulty. If the player decides to take the Warthog, allow him to be the gunner or passenger. If the player decides to take the Mongoose, allow him to be the passenger. It is strongly advised to arm him with heavy weaponry.
  • The Sergeant Major is only equipped with a pistol when the player first meets him. More powerful weapons can be obtained nearby and traded with him to make him more deadly.
  • Duvall has a different chest armor configuration than standard UNSC Army soldiers. It is a combination of the SPARTAN chest piece(s) Tactical/LRP and Tactical/Recon.
  • Duvall seems to be very sympathetic and caring towards his troops and responsibilities, as during the evacuation, he urges Noble 6 to hurry so that no one else dies.
  • From time to time, Duvall's skin color changes when you play Exodus several times.
  • His character model seems to resemble Sergeant Stacker's character model, as seen in the Image above.




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