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Eayn[1] is the Kig-Yar homeworld, and is a satellite orbiting the planet Chu'ot‎.


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Physical Aspects[]


The gravity is about 0.875 G's, making the inhabitants lighter on Eayn than on Earth. This is surprising, considering how swiftly Kig-Yar can move on Earth. Eayn's atmosphere is composed of Oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide (Rather similar to Earth). It contains a surface temperature ranging from -18°C to 45°C (-0.4F to 113F). It could be supposed that the planet is extremely similar to Earth. The world's surface is characterized by a single large ocean, sparse volcanic activity and an almost total lack of glaciation. The vegetation appears similar to that seen in tropical rain forests on Earth.


The planet lies within the inner region of the system's massive asteroid belt. About one third of the Kig-Yar population in the Y'Deio system called the satellite their home. The remaining Kig-Yar chose to set up colonies within the asteroid belt even before their discovery by the Covenant, which helped defend their system due to the difficulties of traveling between asteroids with rather large ships.

Ground Locations[]


  • Eayn is a fictional satellite of a real extrasolar planet (HD 69830 d), which was discovered in May 2006.