“Break off — now.”
— Echo 51 to his wingman, while under attack from Banshees.

Echo 051 was a UNSC Pelican dropship in service during the final battles of the Human-Covenant war.

Operational HistoryEdit

That year, the Pelican was used during the Battle of Earth. There, Echo 051 and another unknown Pelican were sent to retrieve John-117 and Thel 'Vadam, as well as Sergeant Major Avery Johnson and several Marines.

Unfortunately, the two Pelicans were ambushed by Covenant Banshees and Phantoms piloted by the Jiralhanae. Echo 051 was able to maneuver away from the enemy fire, even though it took a direct hit on its front starboard engine as it was loading soldiers, spinning out of control and crashing upside down near a cliff where its survivors, including Sergeant Johnson, were captured by the Jiralhanae. It's unknown wingman spun in the same direction but crashed in the river, sinking to the bottom.

Kilo 023 was later sent to retrieve the remaining survivors of Echo 051, Master Chief, and the Arbiter.[2]

You can go to the crashsite of the Pelican. There, you can find weapons such as sniper rifles, battle rifles, and assault rifles. If you go closer to the Pelican, you're able to hear radio transmissions.

Radio TransmissionEdit

Unknown radio man: " Echo 51,this is Crow's Nest." [static]" Echo 51, please respond ! "


Unknown radio man: "Hocus, ' 51 is down. Divert for emergency evac."

[Continuous static]




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