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Spartan Edward Davis[2] is one of two main protagonists in Halo: Spartan Assault, alongside Sarah Palmer. Not much is known about him besides the fact that he was one of the first Spartan-IVs. He is also featured in Halo: Initiation.


Post Human-Covenant WarEdit

Davis met Palmer during the Human-Covenant War. Their partnership developed and both were eventually handpicked by Spartan-III Jun-A266 as one of the first candidates for the SPARTAN-IV program. Davis was stationed on the UNSC Infinity when Ilsa Zane attempted to seize control of the ship.

Battle of Draetheus VEdit

Spartan Davis was stationed on Draetheus V with Palmer when it was attacked by a radical sect of the Covenant. He was sent to X50 when it was discovered that it wasn't a moon, but a Forerunner machine made to dismantle planets and use the materials gathered to construct other objects, and that the Covenant were attempting to activate it. He was successful in deactivating the moon, and hence he saved Draetheus V from complete destruction, though the damage done to the planet before he could stop it was considerable. Davis was later killed in action while defending the evacuating UNSC forces.

Later, Palmer returned to X50 in response to a mysterious signal. She discovered, after battling through countless Covenant foes, that the signal was actually a distress signal sent by Davis, just before his death. Palmer reached the core of X50 but instead of finding Davis, she found his remains being disintegrated by the Forerunner structures in the moon, for use in an unidentified object. Palmer shut the machine down, preventing it from completing construction of the object.[3]


Davis' heroic actions on Draetheus V were immortalized in a UNSC training simulation, where many soldiers would experience them. He also lived on in Palmer's memory as "[her] friend and a damn good soldier." Though his ultimate fate at the hands of X50 was stricken from the simulation that was available to most UNSC personnel, Palmer would later grant a select few access to it, citing that "he deserves better to be wiped out of our training records."[3]




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