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The Eklon'dal Workshop Mortar Tank, commonly known as the Banished Wraith, is a variant of the Wraith utilized by the Banished.

Design Details[]

The Banished Wraith appears to be a modified variant of the Type-26 "Wraith". Like other Banished vehicles, its armour is predominantly silver in colour with red detailing on some panels, which protect black-coloured components beneath the armour. Some of the Banished Wraith's armour appears to have been applied over the original vehicle, as multiple plates appear to overlap each other, while components such as headlights protrude from exposed gaps between the armour. The most noticeable modification is the presence 6 large, teeth-like spikes fixed to the front of the vehicle's underside, with an additional spike affixed to the tip of both rear rudders.


The Banished Wraith is a vehicle unit available when a Banished leader is selected and is constructed in the Foundry.


  • Wraith - "Heavy damage. Long range."
    • Type: Vehicle
    • Purpose: Heavy Tank
    • Attack Strength:
      • Infantry: Good
      • Vehicle: Good
      • Air: Moderate
      • Building: Moderate
    • Resources: 550
    • Power: 40
    • Population Count: 6
    • Minimum Tech Level: 3

Unit Upgrade[]

  • Scorch Mortar - "Shots continue to cause damage after impact."
    • Resources: 0
    • Power: 850
    • Minimum Tech Level: 3