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The Eklon'dal Workshop Warrior Transport, commonly known as the Spirit, is a variation of the Type-25 Troop Transport used solely by Atriox and his forces.


The Banished Spirit is colored silver and red like all Banished vehicles, and appears to have been given extra armor due to how the plates overlap.

The Banished Spirit was modified from the original, so that the chassis of the ship could move prefabricated buildings.[1]


The Banished Spirit, like the UNSC Pelican, is mostly used for deploying buildings, turrets, and minibases onto the battlefield. However, multiple leaders have Leader Powers that use a Banished Spirit to deploy troops onto the field. Let 'Volir's Spirit Assault Leader Power has a Banished Spirit deploy veteran Huragok, Hunters, and Elite Rangers onto the field, then stay in place and fire at enemy units. This Spirit does not deal a large amount of damage, but it can absorb a good deal of damage and can thus distract enemy units.