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The Eklon'dal Workshop World Patroller, commonly known as the Lich, is a variation of the Type-56 Ground Support/Ultra Heavy Deployment Platform.


Unlike the Lich used by Sangheili-lead Covenant, the Banished Lich is silver and red in color, with a series of overlapping plates attached to the top side of the craft. The Banished Liches are used for heavy lifting jobs like base deployment, making it the counterpart to the UNSC Condor. While normal Liches have a Type-1 Beam Cannon similar to a Scarab, Banished Liches are rarely used for combat.


The Banished Lich is mostly seen deploying bases onto the battlefield, and does not normally fight.

However, Pavium's final Leader Ability, Lich Vanguard, deploys a Lich for 600 Supply and 600 Power that circles the targeted area in a manner akin to Close Air Support. The Lich only has access to the Banished Scarb's beam cannon, and has significantly less health. The main advantage of Lich Vanguard is that it allows one to build and deploy any troop that is available in the Raid Camp or Foundry. While all these units are available, the teleporter they go through can be destroyed just like the Lich itself. On top of that, one cannot purchase any upgrades for units in the Lich, requiring an actual building for this purpose. Lich Vanguard can be used on an area affected by Orbital Observer to either cause havoc at an enemy base or simply to deploy troops behind enemy lines.