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Lieutenant Commander Elaine Coffey was a senior officer on the UNSC Nereid in 2558. She took command for several weeks as it was adrift in space.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Coffey was forced to take charge of the Nereid at the start of the Created rebellion as the ship found itself adrift in space without power, Commander Yance having been killed due to a malfunction. For several weeks Coffey and Major Kell Tanris made efforts to restore power. Tension between naval personnel, the marines and civilian workers grew over these weeks, but a massacre was prevented when the two agreed to detonate a Hyperion warhead to push the Nereid towards the nearest planet. Coffey was aware the Hyperion was powerful enough to destroy the ship, but refused to speak out as she preferred everyone dying together trying to find a solution, than kill themselves over the last scrap of food.[1]

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