Elders are a part of Sangheili local governments, assisting Kaidons in governing their States and electing new Kaidons. If a Council elder believes that his vote was "ill advised" or "had second thoughts," it was considered a tradition for council elders to send assassins to kill a Kaidon in order "to test the true merit of a ruler's martial abilities."[1] The belief was that "a Kaidon who could not defend himself was not a true leader."[2] However, while an elder had the right to send assassins against a new Kaidon, the Kaidon could put the elder to death for doing so, should he survive. This was what Thel 'Vadamee chose to do when assassins were sent after him (after gathering the High Council).


  • There were many elders forming something of a council for a particular Kaidon.

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