Dr. Elias Carver was a political sociologist, known for producing a set of theories called the "Carver Findings," first published in 2491. The findings included an algorithm which predicted a breakdown of social order in the Outer Colonies. Carver recommended strict government control be established, reinforced by an immediate and permanent military presence.[1]

Carver's predictions would prove shockingly accurate as the Insurrection broke out in 2494.

In 2507, Carver met a 15-year-old doctoral candidate named Catherine Halsey at an academic social mixer. Carver was discussing "the matrix mechanics of the socio- and politico-economic vectors of human expansion" when Halsey, who saw his ideas as genius but his algorithm implementation as obsolete, attempted to correct him. He had used only 7 dimensional parameters in his calculations; Halsey claimed he needed 16. Carver didn't appreciate being challenged by a young upstart.

In 2509 Carver committed suicide, believing that by predicting the Insurrection, he had in fact caused it.


  • Jacob Keyes had read his work and considered him a pessimist.[2]
  • Catherine Halsey said in her diary that she would have been less critical had she known he would have eventually killed himself.


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