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Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
— Ellen Anders[2]

Professor Ellen Anders (Civilian Consultant 500493)[1] is a civilian researcher. With PhDs in biology, anthropology, and psychology, Prof. Anders is the preeminent expert in theoretical xeno-biopsychology. Anders has an IQ of 180 and was the student of Dr. Catherine Halsey.[3] She appears to hold a particular grudge against the Covenant, and like many involved in the war effort considers her work to be for the good of humanity as a whole.[4]


Early career[]

Professor Ellen Anders was born on the colony of Arcadia. She studied under Doctor Catherine Halsey, though their relationship was tense, with neither holding the other in a fond regard.[3] In 2531, some time before the Harvest Campaign, she was lecturing on Theoretical Xenobiology at Rishard University. When stopped on the street by an nondescript stranger, she was told that  Dr. Halsey had recommended her as a "consultant." Anders told the man that there was some mistake, as she was not on speaking terms with "that woman." Despite her refusal, a car pulled up and the man dragged her in before speeding off. The man and his accomplices, ONI agents, brought her to an undisclosed location. Anders was furious and demanded to know why she was kidnapped. They showed her classified images of the Covenant on Harvest and snippets of intercepted communications which referred to the planet as a "Treasure World." This piqued Anders' interest, and she agreed to assist ONI in deciphering the Covenant's motives and nature. She was given "unrestricted" (presumably broad, but limited to her field of study) access to ONI equipment and resources. She then traveled to Epsilon Indi System aboard an ONI vessel UNSC Last Gleaming, where she reviewed the data on the Covenant. While on board, she determined that while the Covenant were looking for something, they were trying to hide something as well. Later, she was relocated to the UNSC Spirit of Fire.[5]

Harvest Campaign[]

Main article: Harvest Campaign

Aboard the Spirit of Fire, she was loaned the Observation Deck for a workspace, claiming the view of surrounding space "added perspective to her work."[6] Her assigned minder, Sergeant John Forge, was somewhat disagreeable to her, as the two were basically polar opposites and bickered constantly.[7]

Anders and Forge in the Relic

Anders and Forge in the relic on Harvest.

After getting some unexpected readings on an EM band in Harvest's north pole, Anders requested that a Hornet squadron en route to Rally Point Baker be diverted to investigate. A large Covenant ground force was subsequently discovered, and Sgt. Forge was dispatched to observe further.[8] A structure of unknown origin on the surface, the target of Covenant excavation, drew her attention, and Anders resolved to investigate further in person, despite protests from Forge.[9][10] Captain Cutter supported Anders, but ordered that she be extracted should there be any sign of danger. Upon entering the Relic, she uncovered only a holographic map of the Galaxy, not quite "what [she] expected."[6] A Covenant ambush interrupted her examination of the structure, but was successfully repelled by Forge and Anders' Marine personal security detail.[11] After examining the artifact, she realized that the map had led the Covenant to Arcadia, and upon her recommendation, the Spirit of Fire set course to the planet with all due speed.[12]

Before departing Harvest, Anders sent her father an analysis of Homer's Odyssey that slipped past ONI censors, informing him of her discoveries.[13]


Main article: First Battle of Arcadia

Over the course of the Spirit of Fire's travels, Anders softened towards Forge, especially after noticing how much he cared for those around him.[7] During the First Battle of Arcadia, Anders used modified Rhino tanks to blow through a shield dome, revealing a half-built Scarab, and a complex of ruins underneath. The UNSC Marine force on the surface destroyed the Scarab, but during an investigation of the site, Anders and Forge were attacked by the Arbiter. When Forge was about to be killed, Anders gave herself up as a hostage to save the Sergeant's life. Forge persuaded Cutter to mount a rescue mission.

Shield World[]

Main article: Battle of Shield 0459

The Spirit of Fire followed Anders' signal to a previously unknown Shield World, Shield 0459. Meanwhile, she was imprisoned on top of the Apex, where the High Prophet of Regret intended to use her status as a potential Reclaimer to activate the Forerunner ships. Anders used a teleportation pad to escape to the surface while the Elites were distracted by the majesty of the ships. Shortly after she teleported, she was threatened by a number of Flood Infection Forms, and only narrowly rescued by Forge. The Pelican was shot down immediately after, but both were successfully evacuated by Pelican after a brief overland trek.

Anders Cutter Watching Explosion

Anders and Cutter watching the Shield World's sun before its explosion.

Anders devised a plan to use the Spirit of Fire's FTL reactor to cause the artificial sun inside the Shield World to go supernova, thus destroying the ships (and any other Forerunner technology) before the Covenant could make use of them. Forge and Red Team encountered complications, in the form of Elite intervention, and the former stayed behind to manually overload the reactor. After narrowly escaping the exploding Shield World, the Spirit of Fire set a course for the nearest UNSC forces under conventional power. Two weeks later, Cutter forced Anders into cryo-stasis, stating that she got them all out of there alive. As the pod closed, Anders reminded the Captain that not all of them had survived (referring to Forge and others).[14]

Installation 00[]

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In 2559,[15] the Spirit of Fire's crew, including Anders,[16] were awoken above Installation 00. Once awake, Anders immediately began to research the Ark.[17] After the Spirit of Fire's forces engaged with the Banished on the Ark she developed a plan to use Installation 09 to travel to the Soell System, the original location of Installation 04, to contact the UNSC for help. Once in the control room on Installation 09, Anders used the ring's systems to eject Banished forces into space from the Halo Ring.[18] Afterwards, Installation 09 along with Anders was sent to the Soell System; however, before the Ring entered the slipspace portal, Anders told Captain Cutter that she should be back in a few weeks with help from the UNSC.[18] While in slipspace, Anders noticed that Installation 09 had returned to real space sooner than expected and went outside the control room to investigate, to which she was confronted with a Guardian controlled by Cortana.[18]


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“Brilliant and fearless scientist.[19]

She somewhat personifies the "absentminded professor" stereotype, with a characteristic disregard for personal safety. Anders has dreamed of being an A.I.[20] Anders is singularly organized, to the point of compulsion. She also has the habit of solving unfinished jigsaw puzzles.[21]


John Forge[]

Forge was assigned to protect Anders, and the two often bickered and were opposites in personality.[7] As time went on they two warmed. When Ripa 'Moramee attempted to fight Forge, Anders stepped in to protect Forge, accepting the demands of the Elite.[22]

James Cutter[]

Cutter and Anders were quite friendly with one another and had a great working relationship. To the point where Anders was declared the de-facto right hand and advisor to Cutter.[19]

Catherine Halsey[]

“She hated me and I hated her.”
— Anders on Halsey[3]

Halsey and Anders had a tense relationship, with Halsey describing Anders as "difficult". However, it appears that both Halsey and Anders found common ground when researching Forerunner artifacts. Halsey would remember this decades after they parted, when thinking about a discovery at Visegrád.[23] Following their separation, Anders was "no longer on speaking terms" with her.[5] The mere inclusion of Halsey's name in a UNSC briefing package provoked a disdainful response by Anders.[3]


Halo Wars[]


  • Leader Power: Cryo Bomb — freezes enemies in place, temporarily neutralizing ground units and causing frozen aircraft to crash, destroying them.
  • Unique Unit: Gremlin - uses an EMP to momentarily immobilize enemy vehicles and turrets.


  • Super Upgrade: Hawk — Replaces Hornets with Hawks.
  • Economy Bonus: Upgrade cost reduced by 50%, research duration reduced by 25%. The only upgrade that Anders' power doesn't affect is upgrading a Reactor and a Supply Pad.

Halo Wars 2[]

“Anders' scientific expertise allows her to field Sentinel units and support her forces with Forerunner tech.[24]

Professor Anders is one of the possible leaders for play. Many of her units, powers, and upgrades are related to her knowledge of human and Forerunner tech. However, she can field all standard UNSC units.


Anders has two starting army combinations: Tactician (Two Cyclops, two Marine Squads, and a Wolverine) and Sentinel Swarm (Three Aggressor Sentinels and a Protector Sentinel).

Unique Cards[]



Halo Wars[]