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“I submit that we've done all we could reasonably be expected to do, that the longer we delay the harsher the Covenant will be. It makes sense to surrender now.”
— Ensign Ellen Dowski

Ensign Ellen Dowski was a Junior Officer in the UNSC Navy. She was assigned to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn as a lifepod pilot.[1]


After the crash landing on Installation 04, she continually pestered Captain Keyes and the rest of the bridge crew by suggesting they give up, surrender to the Covenant and be taken as prisoners. At this, crewman Singh threatened to kill her, while Captain Keyes was worried that her talk would stir up similar thoughts in Corporal Wilkins and his marine fire team. After much of her bickering, Keyes finally submits and, taking Dowski's words "seriously," he has her tied up and gagged so that she could surrender and be taken prisoner once the Covenant found her.[2]

Later, she was captured by a squad of Sangheili and Unggoy, and while giving her captors information, she betrayed her comrades by identifying her CO, so that she could prove she was right and be taken prisoner along with the others. The Sangheili proceeded to systematically execute everyone in the group, except Captain Keyes. Dowski became shocked at this and was about to protest when the Sangheili shot her in the forehead with her own M6D.[3]

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