Ellie Bloom is a woman who was a childhood friend and playmate of John-117 and another girl named Katrina.[3]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

When Ellie was young, she lived on the colony world Eridanus II in Elysium City. During her free time, Ellie used to play games with John and Katrina. They would build obstacle courses out of 'random junk' and race each other. Ellie and John would sometimes go out to the grass fields at night and look up at the stars.[3][4]

Ellie left the planet in 2517.[5]

Interview[edit | edit source]

Decades after Ellie had moved from Eridanus II, she was interviewed by Benjamin Giraud, who later informed Ellie that John grew into becoming the intergalactic soldier known as the Master Chief. Ellie was both shocked and excited to hear the news.[3] Soon she told Katrina, but she said that John died when he was six. To clear up the confusion, Ellie called Benjamin. The information managed to get him just as confused as Ellie. She gave Ben Katrina's number so that she could explain it to him.[5]

Ben called Ellie again and he told her that he also interviewed Deon Govender, a man who claimed to be John's boxing coach. Ellie revealed that this was impossible since boxing was outlawed on Eridanis II. Ben also told her that he found a man who said he was attacked during the Insurrection on the planet, but Ellie debunked this as well by telling him that no one was abducted by Insurrectionists in Elysium City.[6]

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