Emerald Cove was a UEG colony world.


SPARTAN-II TrainingEdit

During their training, the SPARTAN-II's were sent on an underwater mission with Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez. Mendez sabotaged half of the Spartans' air tanks and in return, they stole his. They then, as Anton-044 humorously put it, "ditched him and camped out on an island for a week, with nothing to do but light bonfires, bake clam, and surf." It was a good memory they all enjoyed sharing.[1]

Later History Edit

On March 12th, 2541, Kojo Agu also enlisted on the colony.[2]

In 2542, the UNSC abandoned Emerald Cove due to the danger from the Covenant. There is no information on whether or not there was any combat in the abandonment and/or evacuation. The planet may have been glassed but was likely not even located by the Covenant due to no significant human presence.[1]

Physical AspectsEdit


Known ResidentsEdit

Born OnEdit

These were the people who were born on Emerald Cove.

Resided OnlyEdit

These were the people who were born on other planets, but lived on Emerald Cove for an extended period of time.


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