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Emerald Cove was a UEG colony world.


SPARTAN-II Training[]

During their training, the SPARTAN-II's were sent on an underwater mission with Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez. Mendez sabotaged half of the Spartans' air tanks and in return, they stole his. They then, as Anton-044 humorously put it, "ditched him and camped out on an island for a week, with nothing to do but light bonfires, bake clam, and surf." It was a good memory they all enjoyed sharing.[1]

Later History[]

On March 12th, 2541, Kojo Agu also enlisted on the colony.[2]

In 2542, the UNSC abandoned Emerald Cove due to the danger from the Covenant. There is no information on whether or not there was any combat in the abandonment and/or evacuation. The planet may have been glassed but was likely not even located by the Covenant due to no significant human presence.[1]

Physical Aspects[]


Known Residents[]

Born On[]

These were the people who were born on Emerald Cove.

Resided Only[]

These were the people who were born on other planets, but lived on Emerald Cove for an extended period of time.