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The Enduring Conviction is a CAS-class assault carrier[3] used by the Banished military.

Operational History[]

The carrier is helmed by Shipmaster Let 'Volir, with many veteran fighters under his command. The leader of the Banished military, Atriox, noticed this, and decided to recruit the Sangheili and his ship to his cause.

When Atriox's forces led and attack against a Covenant base, the Conviction was the first ship to arrive at rescue. Without awaiting the rest of the incoming fleet, Let 'Volir led the ground attack, and after they found Atriox in person in the base's armory, he surrendered and was taking captive… but after carrying him to the ship, they found it taken by Atriox's forces.[4] Atriox knew than Let 'Volir didn't believe in the Covenant's beliefs, and only cared for his crew. While Let had been pursuing him, his forces had boarded and taken the ship intact, with most of the crew alive. Atriox's offered to fuel up his ship and resupply his crew in exchange for his loyalty. This upset the Shipmaster because he was already used to commandeering the Jiralhanae prior to the Great Schism, but seeing that this was the only viable option, he reluctantly accepted.

Again, under Let's command, the Conviction escaped from the rest of the Covenant's fleet. Atriox led the ship to the nearby human planet of Ansket IV to resupply and entertain the crew, killing the human garrison.[5]

Despite Atriox poking fun at the ship's name, feeling that it is ill-suited for a Sangheili Shipmaster, he recognizes that 'Volir is a very capable leader, with many veteran fighters under his command.[6]


During the Battle of Installation 00 in 2559, the ship deployed Banshees to engage UNSC Spirit of Fire. Given that Spirit of Fire was a colony ship refitted as a support ship, Captain Cutter was unable to retaliate directly to a ship as powerful as a CAS-class assault carrier. Instead, he deployed Spartans Jerome-092 and Alice-130 to fight their way into the ship, taking the AI Isabel with them.[7]

After clearing a path into the ship's gravity lift, Jerome entered the carrier and uploaded Isabel into its computer systems. Isabel then took command of the ship's cleansing beam and glassed a spot on the surface of Installation 00. This prompted a Sentinel response in order to protect the Ark from serious damage. Swarms of thousands of Aggressor Sentinels arrived and began dive-bombing the Enduring Conviction along a line on its hull. After several hundred had sacrificed themselves against the nanolaminate structure, the ship was eventually cut in two, stranding the Banished on the Ark. Both halves were seen laying on the Ark's surface.[7]