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UNSC Engineering floor sign

Engineering is a room/area on a UNSC ship that provides access to the engines that move and support the ship as well as other vital parts. It is fair to assume that most of a ship's vital systems are maintained here. It is also fair to assume that a certain level of clearance is needed to access the Engineering area.

A standard Halcyon-class light cruiser has it's Engineering section in the middle of the ship. The section covers nearly the entire width of the ship and is the largest single room on board, excluding the hangar bay. It has four nuclear generators that power the ship. In dire consequences, a standard Halcyon can still move with only one generator working. The engine's fusion drives are located on the third floor of Engineering and can be accessed by removing the coverings using control panels.[1]

At the end of the Battle of Installation 04, John-117 overloaded the UNSC Pillar of Autumn's engines by using an explosive on each of the engine's casings, thus destroying Installation 04. There was a corridor leading directly to an elevator on the third floor of the Pillar of Autumn. It is currently unknown where or what type of engines are on other ships, such as frigates or cruisers.


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