The Epoch-class heavy carrier was a carrier starship classification employed by the UNSC Navy.[2] The Hull classification symbol for Epoch-class ships was "CV".[1]

Class HistoryEdit

Epoch-class carriers were the core of many Battle Groups during the Insurrection and early parts of the Human-Covenant war.[1]

One particular Epoch-class, the UNSC Atlas, was the site of a particularly bad fight between John-117 and a group of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers in 2525. The fight resulted in two ODSTs dead and two severely injured and permanently marred the relations between the ODSTs and SPARTAN-IIs.[4]


At 35,000,000 metric tons,[1] the Epoch-class was the heaviest carrier in service in the UNSC. Epoch-class carriers outweigh the Poseidon and Orion classes of carriers. As it plays a vital role in UNSC fleets, the Epoch-class carrier has the ability to take extensive damage during combat.[2]



The Epoch-class carrier contained 12 hangar bays, each of which held three dropships and two fighters.[1]


Multiple configurations of Epoch-class carriers existed. The UNSC Atlas was one type of configuration.[5]


The Epoch-class usually carries 800 Marines. They also carry a number of strike fighters and troop transports. It could also hold up to 36 Dropships and 24 fighters.[1]

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