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The Epsilon Eridani Fleet was a full-strength carrier fleet[2] in charge of protecting the Epsilon Eridani System.[1] It saw near-total destruction at the hands of the Covenant Fleet of Particular Justice during the Fall of Reach and Tribute, respectively.

Service History[]

The fleet was first established sometime after the colonization of Reach and the surrounding worlds. It was continuously built up and constructed for the century that followed.

Fall of Reach[]

Main article: Fall of Reach

Independent Actions[]

Following the aftermath of the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, the Covenant had discovered the location of Reach and proceeded to attack the planet, sparking the Fall of Reach. A small fleet was sent in advance that consisted of a few Covenant corvettes including Ardent Prayer and the CSO-class supercarrier Long Night of Solace.

At least two frigates from the fleet would participate in the Battle of Viery, fighting Covenant at Szurdok Ridge. One of them, the UNSC Grafton would be destroyed from the orbiting Solace.[3] Almost immediately afterwards, the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine of the UNSC Savannah was used as a bomb to destroy the Long Night of Solace. The operation was a success but at the cost of the Savannah.[4]

Collective Actions[]

Another Covenant fleet was first detected by Fermion Remote Scanning Outpost on August 30, 2552, and continued to warn all UNSC forces in-system of the new threat.[5]

The Epsilon Eridani fleet, together with other UNSC forces, had only about 100 ships at Reach at the time. They moved into defensive positions to defend the planet, with 52 more ships on the way. A large nuclear minefield had been set up to detonate the Covenant fleet, which destroyed roughly one hundred enemy ships. The opening salvo of Covenant plasma rounds were mostly blocked by three Refit Stations, letting the fleet fire their first MAC salvo unharmed. When the Covenant fired again, however, a crushing 50 UNSC ships were destroyed. Soon, the group of ships dwindled down to only 20.[6]

Eventually, the Flagship of the fleet, the UNSC Trafalgar was destroyed during the battle.[7]

Battle of Tribute[]

Main article: Battle of Tribute

After the Covenant glassed Reach, they moved in on the other in-system colonies, including Tribute. The Battle of Tribute was a short one, with only a fraction of the original fleet there to defend it. The fleet suffered 90% losses and Tribute was partially glassed.[8]


List of Ships[]



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