Epsilon Indi (ε Ind / ε Indi), located in a system of the same name, is a star approximately 12 light-years or 3.63 parsecs from the Sol system. This star has the second highest proper motion (second only to 61 Cygni) of any naked eye star, or possibly the third highest, since the magnitude 6.4 Groombridge-1830 is a naked eye star under exceptionally dark skies.[1]

Epsilon Indi was home to a human colony, Harvest, until 2525 when it was attacked and glassed by the Covenant in search for Forerunner artifacts, making it the first human star system known of that the Covenant entered.[2][3]


  • A system by the name Epsilon Indi exists in real life, but it is only 11 light years from Earth, whereas Epsilon Indi in Halo: Contact Harvest is not given an exact distance from anywhere but is described to be the furthest outer colony world, six weeks away from Madrigal, which is approximately 84 light years away from Sol, and two months from Reach, which is 10.5 light years from Sol. Therefore it is possible that the Epsilon Indi system in the Halo universe is situated differently than the real-world one.


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