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Prepare for awesome. This map variant is designed for Grifball competition.

Grifball Court is a symmetrical variant of Erosion in Halo 4 which is designed specifically and exclusively for Grifball. While often used for custom games, the matchmaking playlist does not include this map. [citation needed] It is ill advised to play any other gametypes on this, as only Grifball's objectives are supported, and the map provides no cover or ordnance to aid the player.


The map is built in Erosion's premade structure. It features two goals, with spawns for the corresponding team in a line on either side of it. In the center is the only ball spawn.


  • It and Ascent are the only two forge maps that do not currently appear in matchmaking.
    • Coincidentally, they are also the only built in forge maps that are built on Erosion.
  • Oddly, the Grifball playlist no longer uses this map, instead opting for other community-made Grifball maps, probably since this is far more mundane and lacking visually than some of the community-made ones.