“Covies are all over my missile batteries, and I've got 5,000 civilians across the bay waiting for passage out.”
— Sergeant Major Duvall[1]

The Evacuation of New Alexandria was a mass evacuation carried out by the UNSC during the Raid of New Alexandria, which was part of the larger Fall of Reach. More than 5,000 civilians and soldiers were successfully evacuated out of the city; however, hundreds more were killed as they tried to escape.[1]


New Alexandria had been under siege by the Covenant for five days. The UNSC had come close to breaking the siege just prior to Operation: UPPER CUT; however, the arrival of the Covenant fleet and the scattering of the UNSC fleet resulted in widespread destruction across the planet. By August 23, three SDV-class heavy corvettes were stationed above the city, with a large invading ground force patrolling the streets.[1]


When SPARTAN-B312 arrived in the city near the New Alexandria Concourse, Army units were in the process of organizing a civilian evacuation off the roof of Traxus Tower. However, when one of the Covenant corvettes moved into position over the Starport, the UNSC forces were forced to evacuate off a smaller landing pad in a different section of the city.[1]

Several large civilian transports, each capable of carrying more than 600 people, were also filled with civilians at the New Alexandria Starport. However, Covenant ground forces soon began moving on the starport, forcing at least one of the transports to launch prematurely. It was immediately destroyed by the hovering corvette.[1]

Sergeant Major Duvall, who appeared to be in charge of at least 5,000 civilians across the bay area, ordered SPARTAN-B312 to reactivate six missile batteries placed around Caracalla Park. With the missiles, Duvall hoped to distract the corvette for long enough so that the other three civilian transports could slip past and escape the city. SPARTAN-B312 was successful, shooting down the corvette and forcing the others to retreat, resulting in thousands of civilians escaping the besieged city.[1]



Naval AssetsEdit

Class Name Status
Stalwart-class light frigate UNSC Stalwart Dawn Unknown

Military PersonnelEdit

Branch Rank Name Status
UNSC Army Lieutenant SPARTAN-B312 Survived
Sergeant Major Duvall Unknown
Unknown Marcus P. Stacker Survived
Evacuation Dispatch Unknown
Echo Dispatch Unknown
Kilo Dispatch Unknown



Class Name Status
D77-TC Pelican Delta 15 Destroyed



Class Name Status
Passenger Craft 6 Echo 2 Destroyed
7 Echo 3 Survived



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