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This article is about the Halo 4 map. Were you looking for the Halo Wars map?

Miraculously, the survivors of the UNSC Diadochi's violent crash managed to not only recover provisions from the vessel’s debris field, but also use it as a makeshift shelter for several years. When rescue and recovery teams finally arrived, they were surprised to discover a healthy, burgeoning community thriving within the ship’s remains.

Exile, also known as War Games Map_Set/: 784-4,[1] is a multiplayer map for Halo 4. It is set in a rocky canyon in which a UNSC ship has crash landed. Using debris and supplies from the ship's remains, the crew settled a camp by building a vast network of tunnels and trenches throughout the rocky and grassy terrain.[2]


The vehicles on the map are the Mongoose, Scorpion, Ghost, Warthog, and Gauss Warthog and, on some gametypes, the Banshee and/or the Mantis.


  • This map bears some resemblance to the Halo PC map Danger Canyon.
  • When rating the maps of Halo 4, IGN considered this to be the game's best map.
  • The Scorpion Tank was removed in some game modes. This may have been due to the tank's spawning cave was closer to one team's base, making an unfair advantage for that team. The replacement vehicle, a Mantis, was then placed more closer in the middle, to even the chance on what team could acquire it.



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