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A Covenant Factory

The Factory is a Covenant structure featured in Halo Wars.

The factory is where the player can build Ghosts, Choppers, Wraiths, and Locusts. All the land-based vehicle upgrades are researched in the Factory as well.

The Covenant are able to build the factory from the beginning of the game, without needing any upgrades on the Covenant citadel first.[1] It is not that important and should be built second last to the summit. Although it may look important a firm edge in technology and shield plus soldiers will give you the ability to defeat the opposing enemy easily. The vehicles built here are prone to an air attack. Like the Covenant Hall and Summit, it costs 150 resources and requires no tech level.

The UNSC equivalent is the Vehicle Depot.

Units Produced and Available Upgrades Edit

  • Ghost - Scout unit that starts with twin frontal guns (can collect supplies from resource crates).
    • 1.Boosted Ram - Enables the Boosted Ram special attack to overrun enemies.
    • 2.Strafe - Can better dodge incoming grenade and rocket attacks.
    • 3.Scout Shield - Adds an energy shield to deflect some incoming damage.
  • Brute Chopper - Fast assault scout unit (can collect supplies from resource crates). (Only available if the Brute Chieftain is the Leader unit).
    • Starting special attack: Run Over
    • 1.Autocannons - Adds front-firing 35mm guns for increased damage.
    • 2.Stabilizers - Improves autocannon accuracy and damage.
    • 3.Ramming Targe - Greatly increases Run Over damage and decreases damage taken.
  • Wraith - Main Covenant battle tank with good speed and excellent range. Armed with plasma mortar and turret.
    • 1.Heavy Shield - Adds energy shield which deflects some incoming damage.
    • 2.Scorch - Special attack leaves a bubbling plasma splash on the ground for added damage.
    • 3.Plasma Modulator - Large boost to plasma mortar damage.
  • Locust - Counter-building vehicle. Armed with plasma beam and energy shields.
    • 1.Overdrive - Enables Overdrive special attack, which drains shields to boost damage.
    • 2.Shield Amplifier - Increases regeneration rate of energy shields.
      HW Cov VehDepot S

      Concept art of the Covenant Factory

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